Chorizo Fries at La Cosecha Sacramento [French Fry Score: 10/10]

These were hands-down one of the best french fry experiences I've had. La Cosecha is located in Cesar Chavez park in downtown Sacramento, California. Nestled between skyscrapers, this simple, unassuming venue plays host to a truly wonderful french fry experience. This was the first time I've experienced chorizo fries, and I hope to see them …

Dogpatch Magnolia Brewing Co, San Francisco [French Fry Score: 8.2/10]

Magnolia Brewing Co is located in one of my favorite parts of San Francisco, The Dogpatch. I have many fond memories of attending events like Decompression in Esprit Park. Just a few blocks from there lies Magnolia. This brewing company occupies a small corner in a vast and ancient industrial building. Looming over the outline of this building is the vaster and ancienter Potrero Power Plant and its great, dead smoke stacks.