Chorizo Fries at La Cosecha Sacramento [French Fry Score: 10/10]

These were hands-down one of the best french fry experiences I’ve had. La Cosecha is located in Cesar Chavez park in downtown Sacramento, California. Nestled between skyscrapers, this simple, unassuming venue plays host to a truly wonderful french fry experience. This was the first time I’ve experienced chorizo fries, and I hope to see them more often in the future.

What Was It like?

La Cosecha looks like a greenhouse. It has two rooms completely surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, affording a view of the park and the towering buildings surrounding it. A dozen high-tops are arranged into a neat grid with short tablecloths supporting neatly arranged, utilitarian flatware.

Mexican music played softly on the speakers as a waiter brought me a menu. Spicy, exotic scents wafted in from the kitchen. The chorizo fries, or “CDMX Street Fries” (Ciudad Mexico/ Mexico City) immediately caught my eye, and my nose.

There is also some outdoor seating, including a long stone-topped bar. It was a little chilly when I visited in February, but I ate at that stone bar top on the outside patio. Someone came by and turned on several large fires which quickly warmed the chilly February morning air.

Chorizo Fries at La Cosecha

The chorizo paired perfectly with the crispy french fries, coated with just the right amount of fundido cheese; not too much, not too little. These were lightly drizzled with poblano crema and cascabel salt.

It was a harty and earthy flavor balanced with the spicy poblanos and chorizo. I was surprised how well balanced the flavor profile was. I expected a more spicy and bold flavor, but the chorizo seemed to merely accentuate the sharp cheese, crispy fries, and complex poblanos. It was hard not to order another plate even with how full I was after finishing these. I will definitely go back for seconds sometime.

Atmosphere: 9/10

It was just ten in the morning so I was one of just two or three people in the restaurant. Still, the atmosphere was very welcoming. The warm smells and warm fires made me want to stay a while and order a drink. This would be a great place for brunch with friends.

Presentation: 10/10

They did a really great job with the presentation of the fries. The cheese seems to have been plated still molten, and hardened to the surface just moments before presentation. The chorizo was well distributed across the fries along with the cheese. The color and texture of the flatware and napkins were well coordinated. Everything looked great.

Price: 10/10

These fries were just $9 and really filled me up. I look forward to buying them again, maybe with dinner, friends, and a few cervezas next time.


This was a great way to start the day on my way to adventures in San Francisco. I will definitely make a habit of stopping by La Cosecha in the future for these amazing chorizo fries.